Our meticulous approach to commissioning and checking each system component ensures a fully connected and operational standby solution you can rely on.

You can have complete confidence your power generation system is configured correctly and ready for action on demand.


Proven Process

Electrogen are experts in power generator commissioning, certified and trained to provide a thorough service. Our proven five-step process tests each system component in detail to give you peace of mind you have a fully reliable power generation system.


Signal testing

With multiple connection points within any system – thousands in a complex design – it’s essential to check each one for faults to ensure everything is fully connected and operating properly to provide power.



Next comes all mechanical system checks – making sure the valves are fitted correctly to prevent fuel leaks, and the crankshafts, coding system and engine are operating at full capacity, ready to go when required.



Standard electrical installation testing follows – checking the IT systems and controls, plus all the wiring, connections, switches and fuses – to facilitate full power transmission immediately on demand.



Systems software needs to be correctly installed and synchronised to enable your system to operate effectively. We run logical software tests to ensure your software is functioning as it should.


Integrated systems testing

The final step to commissioning a system is integrated systems testing. With so many variables depending on a site and project, our engineers ensure all the system parameters are correct and in line with the design.

Who we work with

Global Outreach

Through years spent working in the power generation industry, our team has forged key relationships with leading global generator manufacturers to bring you the best-in-class power solution services and keep you permanently powered.

Highest Standards

Whether it’s a full commission and installation or ongoing servicing and maintenance, each engineer understands the criticality of your power solution and takes a meticulous approach to completing the work, however simple or complex.

“Electrogen implemented a streamlined and professional process from start to finish. We were extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Peter Thompson

Project Manager

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