Backup power generators are no simple plug-and-play solution.

They are highly complex systems, reliant on a robust control panel to instruct their operation based on a series of pre-agreed parameters while monitoring crucial generator components - the engine and alternator – and sending electrical signals to the right place as required.


From design to integration

Who better to build a control panel than a team of engineers highly experienced in implementing all manner of generator systems, from the straightforward to the sizeable? Your bespoke system is created from scratch – designed, installed and tested by our trusted team – then handed over to you to self-manage, putting you in full control of your standby power solution.



Our team considers the sequences your panel needs, the inputs and outputs, and whether it’s a standard changeover generator. We then use the parameters to produce a detailed CAD drawing of the electrical wiring system.



Once you sign off the design, our engineers proceed with the system build. Depending on the size of your project, this can take anything from a week for a small design to several months for the more complex.



Our engineers work methodically and efficiently to fit your power backup control panel with minimal or no downtime. Control panels can be fitted internally or externally in line with the pre-agreed design.



Finally, your system is linked together piece by piece, all parts connected as they should be and tested to ensure the system runs smoothly. Your team are then trained to take over the controls.

Who we work with

Global Outreach

Through years spent working in the power generation industry, our team has forged key relationships with leading global generator manufacturers to bring you the best-in-class power solution services and keep you permanently powered.

Highest Standards

Whether it’s a full commission and installation or ongoing servicing and maintenance, each engineer understands the criticality of your power solution and takes a meticulous approach to completing the work, however simple or complex.

“Electrogen implemented a streamlined and professional process from start to finish. We were extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Peter Thompson

Project Manager

Let’s discuss your project.

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